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Other Services

Hand Sawing: Allows us to get inside closets bathrooms and any tight areas you need cut, able to cut depths 10.

Chain Sawing: Allows us to cut small openings with no overcuts, or no overcuts on door openings making nice clean corners.

Ductile Iron Pipe Cutting: We can cut clean thru ductile or plastic pipe without over digging for quickie saw. Cut one job with five fiber optic cables 3 from pipe and was able to complete with no damage in twenty minutes. Cuts in 8 min or less.

Demolition: We tear out and haul off what we cut. Back hoe service, skid loaders and dump trucks.

Pour Back:
We will pour back what we cut out. Specialize in machine bases. We do driveways, parking lots, patios and any concrete pouring you need.

Scanning: We can locate post tension cables up to 8 deep.

Grinding: We have electric and hydraulic grinders. We have dry or wet and use special dry vacs to contain the dust.


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